For a typical Filipino party, lechon is considered to be the king of all dishes, the star of all viands and definitely one of the best highlights of the occasion. Often times we find people lining up at the table where lechon is being chopped or people would rush just to grab some pieces of its crispylicous skin. Consider it unhealthy but Pinoys love it!


There are several ways to enjoy eating lechon. It depends on the person’s taste which part of the pork he or she wants to secure on his plate first. By the way if you’re on a diet, feel free to leave this post.

The Skin

bale dutung lechon skin 4Who could ever resist this crispy, succulent and mouth-watering “balat” of the lechon?! Among any other parts of the pork lechon, skin is probably the most sought-after.

Grab a piece then you can either dip it into a liver sauce or catsup or eat it as it is. Its juiciness and crisp will surely make you crave for more.


The Ribs

Photo Sep 21, 2013, 1-13 PMPut down your spoon and fork guys because it’s now time to use your hands. It’s “kamayan” time (with clean hands of course!) What better way to appreciate the ribs more is to eat it the Filipino way.

You could tell that a lechon is truly finger-lickin’ good when you can taste its salty and spicy flavor plus the tenderness and juiciness down to its bones.

The Lechon Evolution


Most Filipinos are used to seeing and eating a traditional whole roasted pig. However, there has been a variety of means on how this dish is prepared and served. Pritson or a short term for pritong (fried) lechon and the boneless lechon (headless might be even more appropriate) are just getting more and more popular and in demand nowadays.

Needless to elucidate even further, lechon is definitely a part of the Filipino culture. And now that the holidays are coming, for sure it’s gonna be happy pig-spinning for everyone!