Talkin’ about girl power, these 2 stunning icons of Philippine music are not to be denied, legends in their own right. Their contribution to the local music is exemplary, adding more spice and thrill to a male-dominated rock music industry. Not only have they proven that women are also blessed with creative juices in music but they’ve also shown the world how it is to stand out being the only rose among the thorns.


Barbie Almalbis – I first heard about this petite chinita lady in the late 90’s from a less popular band called the Hungry Young Poets. The song Firewoman is actually a favorite song of mine and probably the band’s most notable track. Hungry Young Poets later became Barbie’s Cradle, bringing their music and popularity to a different kind of level. Songs like All I Need, Shiny Red Balloon and Tabing Ilog (from the 90’s youth-oriented show of the same name) are some of my favorites.

More than the beauty and music, what I like most about her is the boldness in professing her faith in Christ, despite the pressure of maintaining a rockstar image. Right now I believe she is enjoying every moment being a happy wife, mother and a servant of the real Source of her musical gifts.

Kitchie Nadal – Ex-frontwoman of the band Mojofly, this singer/song-writer/guitarist is like an all-in-one package. Beauty, brains, talent, style – coolness at its best! Her distinct singing voice is probably one factor that gives her the edge from any other female vocalists. The song Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin which of course added more “kilig” factor to the Vivan-Carlo tandem of the famous Koreanovela entitled Lovers in Paris, took the country by storm.

Getting out a bit from the musical aspect, Kitchie is also a real woman of faith. She’s never ashamed to share her testimony about Jesus through conversations and her not-so-churchy type of songs. Tracks such as Bulong and Grace express a profound message of love, hope and forgiveness.

Watch Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal’s Testimony on 700 Club Philippines

As a musician, I am truly blessed and inspired how Barbie and Kitchie decided to choose a kind of path that exalts not their own names and fame, but of their Savior Jesus.