Travel has always been on top of my wishlist. It’s also been the very thing that I am not able to do more often. To be honest, I’ve only toured a few places in my own 7,100 island homeland: Cebu, Bohol, Cagayan, Camiguin, Agusan, Gensan, Saragani, Kidapawan, Mati and the not-so-far Samal Island.

My dream to take a trip however still goes on and I want to live up to that old Filipino saying, “Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan”. So let me share to you the top 3 destinations that I want to travel to.

3. Vigan, Ilocos Sur


I have always been fascinated with vintage and antique stuff and this particular spot of Vigan never fails to allure and awaken my interest. Just the thought of walking around this world heritage site and Hispanic-like town gives me the thrill.

Take photos, ride a kalesa, and have a taste of their famous empanada and longganisa are just few of the mucho things that I want to do when I get there. Pretty sure Vigan is a place where it bridges the history and the present.

2. Sagada, Mountain Province 


Ok I’ll be honest. I’ve never heard of Sagada since I was in my late 20’s when my friend kept mentioning about this place. Thanks to google by the way! 🙂

Other than touring around this beautiful haven, I have always wanted to witness their culture and their way of living, the Igorot way, that is. A photographer buddy of mine told me that staying there for just 2 or 3 days is never enough.

Sagada I believe has lots of wonderful and interesting spots such as the hanging coffins, the rivers and caves and of course the very famous rice terraces. Perhaps I would also love to sit down, eat a native delicacy and just feel the cold mountain breeze.

1. Batanes

Sabtang, Batanes / © Owen Ballesteros

This… has got to be the numero uno on my list! I first fell in love with this place when I saw the movie of Iza Calzado and Ken Zhu, named after the place itself, Batanes. What caught my attention is the simplicity of lifestyle of the Ivatans (as what the natives are called). They have managed to preserve their culture despite of the growing modernity in its neighboring regions.

Known for being the terminal passage of typhoons in the Philippines, the Ivatans have learned to adopt to this truth and that resulted to the idea of building stone houses. It’s one of the main reasons why I would love to take a tour to the north.

Far from the noisy and stressful urban lifestyle, the lighthouse, the beach, the rocky shore, the grassy land and the beautiful people of Batanes are truly worth visiting.
So that’s it! The top 3 Philippine travel destinations on my wishlist . It’s truly evident that God has blessed this country more than we could ever imagine. God’s works are incomparably breath-taking, leaving us all amazed and awestruck.