A wide variety of dishes is set on the table. However, not everything suits our taste buds. Some foods are sweet, others are bitter and salty, and some are just totally out-of-this-world! Sounds “cliche-ish” but life is somehow like that. We can grab any chance we want – maybe a chance to love, a chance to hurt, a chance to restore or a chance to destroy. At the end of the day, we reach a point wherein we realize that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

Undeniably, we hear a whole bunch of voices in this world telling us to do whatever we please because life is too short to waste a single second of it. May be correct but keep in mind that our desires can either lead us to utmost happiness or perhaps the other way around.

It’s like this: I entered an Italian restaurant. Oh so classy and elegant. The menu was served and a bit of anxiety occurred in my curious mind. “What kind of foods are these?!” Finally I ordered “Spaghetti Aglio Olio”, thinking it’s the usual sweet red spaghetti with ground pork meat, sliced hotdogs and grated cheese on it. I was waiting for it with much craving happening in my hypothalamus. Much to my surprise, I saw nothing but a plain white pasta with olive oil, sprinkled with some garnish. Bummer, I ended up feeling nauseated and throwing away about 300 pesos!

With that real-life experience, I realized that making the most out of life does not mean all-joy and no-pain kind of experience. Choices are lined up yet being wise enough to pick what best suits you is a definitely a good thing. And if in case you’ve picked up the wrong stuff, it’s never too late to start anew. Remember, life is like a smorgasbord…